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August 28, 2017
Grace is a word that I’ve heard since I was a child, each time I attended church. I can remember hearing the minister pray that the grace of God would keep me and shine upon me. They sounded like really nice words, and although I had no clue what they meant, it somehow brought me a sense of peace and security. Not having a biblical understanding of grace at the time, I still figured it must be good because God apparently wanted me to have it.

Grace is a person; His Name is Jesus. The way we see Him is the direction our lives will take. It’s important that we see Him correctly, as Scripture teaches. Yet, I’ve met so many Christians over the years who have a wrong view of God.

Many believe that God brings problems, trials, and even death into our lives to teach us something or to bring punishment for things we may have done. Some believe in a harsh, unforgiving God who wants to make us pay for our sins. Others believe that God picks and chooses to whom He shows His goodness and kindness. Many believe God is mad at them for things they may’ve done or for things they can’t even remember doing! I was pretty sure that God loved me, but I believed that deep down on the inside of Him, He was really mad at me. For what? I wasn’t sure.

One of the main misconceptions within the body of Christ is that we have to earn our salvation—we must do certain things and obey certain laws so that God won’t be angry with us but will love us, accept us, and be pleased with us.

On the opposite side of that spectrum, some believe that God loves us so much that all people will go to heaven, whether or not they make a commitment to the Lord. Therefore, we can do anything we want to and act anyway we want to, and it’s still all good.

These are all wrong beliefs that don’t line up with the Word of God. Christians believe these things simply because they don’t have the correct understanding of His grace. I had the same wrong view of God because of my wrong beliefs.

When I look at God’s Word in the light of His grace, it’s all over the Bible! God is not mad at me (or you)! Join me on my next blog and you will see the beauty of His wonderful Grace. Be Blessed!
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