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My name is Kristin Assis. I am the daughter of Angie and Al Buhrke and I would like to share an awesome thing that God did for me and my family during a very uncertain stressful time in our life. We were married six months when my husband Chris had to be hospitalized due to a broken blood vessel which formed a blood clot at the stem of his brain. This all came about from just a hard sneeze. Before I go on with my story, I want to say that Chris is fine today. Praise the Lord!

Not only is God faithful when it comes to healing; He is also faithful when it comes to finances. You see, we had no health insurance. We were in the middle of getting some when all this happened. When I realized that he would be in the hospital at least a week I knew the bill would be enormous. I knew it would be impossible for us to pay even a portion of it. But I also knew God. You see, I was never worried about it. I have seen God always provide for me and my family over the years and watching how He provided built up my faith to where I just believed He would do it again!

Two days after being admitted a lady from Medicaid came in to see if we were eligible for the program. We were not. I still was not concerned. Literally two minutes later a woman who worked for the hospital came in saying she understood we were not eligible for Medicaid. (Word gets around fast!) She told us that she could give us a discount and that the current bill after only two days was $47,000.00! My mom pretty much ignored it as she thought they would probably take off such a minimal amount that it wouldn't make much difference.

So I decided to try to apply for medicaid anyway. I was fully determined to be truthful on the application and planned on praying over it before I submitted it. I still believed that God was going to come through...I just wasn’t sure how. Two days later, that same woman from the hospital came in again to see how things were going. Then she said: "The cost hasn’t changed and that it was still $47,000.00." I thought that was odd as there were a number of tests that were taken in addition to two extra days stay at the hospital. I knew God was doing something.

Two days later she came in again. (We still had not completed the Medicaid application) She told us the bill was still $47,000.00 but that with the discount we would pay $4,700.00!!! My mom was funny because she made her repeat it three times! What a blessing. He always provides just like I knew He would.

After Chris was released my mom called that same woman to pay the bill with a credit card. The woman told her the cost would be $3,900.00! IT WENT DOWN! I knew all along that God would take care of it. A few weeks passed and then I received the total bill from the hospital WITHOUT God’s intervention and it was $87,000.00! WOW.

I can’t help but marvel at how faithful God is to His Word. Psalm 33:22 says: "Let thy mercy, Oh Lord, be upon us, according as we hope in thee." The Hebrew word for "mercy" means goodness, kindness and faithfulness. The word "according: means in proportion to. So this verse is saying that God's goodness, kindness and faithfulness will be evident in our lives according to how much we believe it to be so! Thank you Jesus.
My story starts when my son David was just a young four year old. In the beginning of this trial it seemed like a small thing. As a family we would go to the beach and David would cry the whole time. My thoughts were that he was just not getting his way and being a "brat", so I would dig a small hole behind my beach chair and tell him to sit there and rest until we were ready to leave. His sisters loved to go to the beach but He wanted no part of it.
When Little League came around, he would be out on the field and as soon as clouds came over he would run off the field and insist on leaving.
As time went by and David got older, the problem got worse. I would get calls from his teachers or the school nurse to come and get him as he was having a panic attack. His favorite thing to do was go fishing, but even then he would get out into the ocean and if clouds came in he would have a melt down. One time they had a sailfish on the line and David had another attack because it got cloudy. His fear was lightning and there was nothing we could do to help him. We went to doctors, they put him on Paxil (horrible stuff), took him to a psychologist, psychiatrist, and even Christian counselling. Nothing seemed to help; things only got worse as the years went on.

One day when David was in seventh grade his class went on a field trip; he could not even get off the bus. He was so embarrassed in front of his friends; he was devastated.

At that time I had a weekly prayer group at my home and Angie Buhrke was one of the women who prayed with us. We had all been praying for David for many years, but Angie knew we needed to do more and suggested we ask him to come for prayer. He was willing to do anything, so he came. Angie spoke to him and explained about God's goodness and that He did not want David in this bondage. She gave him a piece of paper with the scripture: "God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." (2nd Timothy 1:7) She told him whenever he felt the spirit of fear rise up,, he was to speak these words out loud; to say them every night. Then she laid hands on my boy and prayed, commanding the spirit of fear to leave in Jesus Name. Two weeks after the prayer meeting, Dave left for school on his bike. I saw the black clouds coming in suddenly as they often do in Florida and I knew he would be flying in the door any minute. It NEVER happened!

What did happen was that night at dinner when we all prayed before our meal, David spoke up and thanked God for protecting him from the storm. When I asked him about it later, he replied: "Mom, you're never going to believe this, but when I saw those black clouds, God was sitting on my handlebars!" Oh I believe it because he was totally delivered from panic attacks that day!

God is such an awesome God because He gives back so much more than satan steals. David, now 22 years old, is a boat captain on a 58 ft. sportfishing boat. He spends his summers in St. Thomas doing what he  He just returned from a month long trip to Australia fishing the Great Barrier Reef for Black Marlin. He is living the abundant life that Christ died to give us. And he knows why! Praise God!

Lorrie Dalfo "Deliverance by man is in vain." Psalm 60:11
My name is Karen Buhrke and I am the daughter of Al and Angie Buhrke. Throughout the years I will say that God has used my parents to impact my life in a number of different ways. I had grown up in a wholesome Christian home. When I was a child, we spent some of our nights doing family devotions. We would get together and talk about the Lord. As my sister, brother and I got older, my parent's impact was still there and had even gotten stronger. We were told about Jesus Christ every day. They were praying for us every day, even if we didn't seem interested in it. And when we got into our 20's, they still continued to impact our lives with Jesus Christ.

Now being in my late 20's, I have seen a significant change in my sister, my brother, and myself. I believe this change is due to my parents allowing God to teach them how to raise their children. Although things may have seemed hard at times with us kids, my parents didn't focus on their circumstances, but rather kept their focus on the truth which was the Word of God. Now today, I realize that the example that my parents set for us has impacted me greatly. I am now in Bible College about to receive a Bachelors Degree in Biblical Studies and a Ministerial License. And I believe I am here because of the impact my parents had on my life. Now that Victory Life Ministries has been born by the hand of God, I would love to say that I believe my parents will help change lives all around the world because Jesus has set them in a high place for ministry.

"Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid." Matthew 5:14
My name is Miranda Clark and I would like to share my testimony. I consider it an ultimate honor that Al and Angie requested that I share my story and healing experience with you. It has been such an indescribable journey and to finally and proudly shout out: "I Am Healed!"

I was a sufferer of severe cluster migraines (often called "suicide headaches") for over 30 years. After trying every treatment available: homeopathic, conventional medicine and trips to nationally renowned cross country headache clinics, nothing ever helped. As a result, I suffered chronic disabling pain as I continued to carry on with my ultra-busy life, i.e. working as a college professor, raising five children, maintaining a huge house, while managing all of the financial responsibilities.

Finally, in an utter state of desperation, and after hearing about the Buhrkes, via my church, specifically their expertise and compassionate understanding for those in crucial need of healing, I called them and then promptly showed up at their door!

They welcomed me with open arms and immediately began to educate me in the right way to pray using the Word of God. I listened intently even though my head was pounding and then they did the same for me as I explained my desperate situation. Well, what a learning and truly spiritual lesson it was! First of all, although I knew that I was a Christian who had long ago accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, my routine way of praying was totally wrong and in addition, I began to realize through listening as they taught the Word, that if I continued "my way of praying" I would never receive the healing I so desperately wanted.

As a result, the first meeting led to many more and as they continued to give their own precious time and love, I became a TRUE born again Christian and shared my newfound knowledge with my family. Most, most importantly as well as amazing I became migrane-free for at least three months! Praise God and thank you Angie and Al for showing me the way to healing through Jesus. I now continue to pray the right way and continue to thank God for leading me to these generous, loving, beyond intuitive people who work incessantly to help others and teach them who we all are meant to be in Him. After all, it was Jesus that laid down His life so we could have good health, strength, prosperity, and freedom from the evil one.

In closing, not only do the Buhrkes continue to minister to my husband, me and our son, they have become our true family. Thank you. GOD IS GOOD!!!!
I met Angie when she was leading worship at a contemporary service in our community. Her enthusiasm and love for the Lord was contagious and it awakened in me a greater desire to serve the Lord I had always loved. I sang with her worship team for a time and we developed a warm friendship, seeking and sharing all things of the Lord. My faith came alive again and I continued my quest to find the "something more" I knew had to exist when we walk with the Lord.

Angie introduced me to the teachings of Andrew Wommack and what a joyride it's been ever since! We did bible studies, shared fellowship with anyone who was interested in living the life of freedom in Christ Jesus, and I continued to grow and learn with her help. The power of her witness was great, especially when she and her husband Al "fought the good fight" when she battled a direct onslaught against her health and then Al had a potentially crippling accident. They inspired many who watched and prayed and saw the majesty and might of our healing Lord give them great victory in their lives.

My life has changed, my trust in the saving, restoring, compassionate love of our Lord has grown tremendously, and the great Hope that He is fills me every moment of every day thanks to the witness, love and caring of Victory Life Ministries.

Ginny van Gulick
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